Chain Link

Chain link is the most common type of fencing sold. It comes in different heights, gauges, and colors. Because it is very economical and provides longevity it is the most popular choice for keeping loved ones safe and secure. It is a tried and proven fence product when installed correctly.

It can be installed on a metal tube, pipe, or wood frame. It now comes in different colors, such as, green, black, and brown. For residenal use a frequent height is four foot and five foot. For commerical uses six, seven, and eight foot are used the most. If you’re looking for an affordable, secure fencing material for your backyard, driveway, pool or other outdoor space, chain link fencing from Oakley Fence Company is a great option.

Cleaning and Maintenance on Chain Link Fence

The most wonderful thing about chain link besides its low cost, would be the minimal maintenance it requires. All chain link fencing is galvanized, meaning the metal wire fence material underwent a chemical process to protect it from rusting. This extends the life of the chain link and limits the maintenance.