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It is our mission to provide quality fence installations and develop relationships that last a lifetime.

It is our vision to be a company recognized by our customers and employees as a culture focused on quality, performance, relationships and values.

When you schedule an installation or consultation appointment with Oakley Fence Company, we know you’ll be satisfied with the level of service you receive. Whether you’re in need of a dog kennel or interested in security fence around your business, you can feel confident that the fence specialists at Oakley will exceed your expectations.

Someone once said,” No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”.

In 2018 it was our privilege, and honor to be able to work on the Stillwater Strong Memorial project.

Thank you to our vendors Merchants Metals, and Fortress Fence Products for donating the beautiful ornamental iron fence used at the memorial site.

To all the families and people who were affected, we hope this memorial will go a long way in the healing and closure process.

God Bless

Paul Brown